Saturday, May 14, 2011

Brimfield was ............

great!!  I went on Friday, with some friends from the shop.  It was sunny, hot, exciting and exhausting, all at the same time.  We didn't see Ralph Lauren or Martha Stewart, but it was great fun.  I took pictures of booths that were interesting and inspirational. 

This handpainted wood bench was beautiful.  A little out of my price range, at $800.

Corrabelle Roses' Booth in New England Motel, just beautiful.

I was thrilled to meet Tot from Time Worn Interiors,
  Her booth in New England Motel was industial inspirational, just beautiful!

Some pictures from French Curiosites,  I actually bought the cement urn on the left side of the table.  Love it!!

These are pictures of some of the things that I bought, that are now in the shop.
I just had to have this silverplate coffee warmer.

This is an old berry crate. 

This was the first thing that I bought.  A chippy metal stool. 

Another chippy metal stool.  For some reason, I guess I'm drawn to them.

An old cabinet door with chicken wire, that could be used as a note holder.

A great green painted plant stand with some industrial metal drawers from a factory on top.

Another note holder, made from an old rusty metal paper tray.

I love these french style clocks.

I bought this from French Curiosites.  This has not made it into the shop just yet. 

I did get some great ideas from Brimfield.  Coming back from a trip like that, always makes me want to do better, create more, inspire and raise the bar. 


Sandra said...

I was there to on Friday. Walked from 7:30 am to about 5:30 pm, was worn out but had a great time.
I got a cast iron bird, some beautiful flax linen fabric, french postcard fabric. Will use to cover a loveseat bench I got there for $55, what a deal. An old fan, some lavendar sachets. Oh my what fun. I will be going in Sept again. Too hot for July.

Passionate for White said...

Great pics and guess what.... I took the EXACT same picture of that chandy on the table. I'll be posting it along with some other pics of Brimfield later tonight. And wow, looks like you got some great stuff that I'll need to come be the WCS to see in person.

time worn interiors said...

It was great to meet you, hope to see you in July!