Friday, August 10, 2012

My Shabby Chic Backyard Shed

Last year, I had a shed built in my backyard.  It has taken me a year to fill it with some of my best shabby things that I've been searching for all year.  Most of the items came from my own shop, so I didn't have to go far.  This is more than a garden shed, it's a sanctuary for me.  A place where I can go to look at my favorite magazines with a tall glass of lemonade (ok wine) and relax.

The fabric on these cushions, is the same fabric used on the couch in the movie, "Out of Africa".  I bought the chippy rusty metal couch from NBJ at the shop.  She always has great things.

I picked this Texas Farm Truck plate up at a local flea market, I just love it.

My initials and my code at the shop are MES.  Last year at Brimfield this man from Texas was selling letters and numbers made from galvanized steel roofs.  I always thought the letters would definitely make the shed only mine.

One of my many collections. 

I hide my potting soil in this old lard tin.

The metal scroll piece on the wall is actually a fantastic headboard I picked up last year at the flea market.

Karen, aka "A Shabby Moment in Time" made this garden sign for me.

That's my shed, my sanctuary, my shabby place to relax.