Friday, December 24, 2010

I love Christmas, getting together with family and friends, the baking and yes, even the hustle and bustle of shopping.  But this year it seemed that time just flew and I didn't have enough time to do the things that I love.  So this year we did not even put up our normal tree (for the first time since I can remember).  So my decorating is at best minimal.  I did put up a small aluminum tree, that I placed in an old wood and wire measure.

These skates on a white shutter are on my front door.

These are old cream bottles with fresh greens and antique glass Christmas balls on an ironstone plate.

This sweet angel sits in my foyer.

This is one of a pair of antique wood stocking dryers.  One is on my side door and this one hangs in my living room.  I decorated it with fresh greens, twigs and twine. 

This is an antique wood shovel, that is decorated with fresh greens and sits on my front porch.

This centerpiece sits on my farm table in the kitchen.  I love old silver plate, wire and a touch of glitter.

Most of these pieces I bought at the shop this year.  I'm really getting into this french farmhouse look.   That is what I am going to concentrate on this coming year.  We have some big plans for this coming year at the shop, starting in the spring.  It's very exciting, and we hope that all our loyal customers will enjoy what we are planning.   

I hope that everyone has a Wonderful Christmas and a Healthy and Inspiring New Year.

Mary Ellen



Friday, November 12, 2010

A Vintage Holiday Open House

The Shop's front window.

Everyone has been working so hard creating and buying beautiful Holiday goods for our Open House this weekend.  Today was the first day of the sale, and it was a great one.  Busy all day, things were just flying out the door.  Just wanted to show some of the wonderful displays that the girls have been creating. 

This old skate belonged to Karen P. mom.  What a cute idea.

One of Jeannie's creations.

Our customers can't get enough of our vintage ornaments.
Lovely shabby pale blue bottlebrush trees and wreaths.

Handmade burlap and toile stockings.

An old tin strainer as a centerpiece.

More vintage ornaments.

Here is our antique cash register all decked out.
There is a small tin porriger from France.  How cute is that?

Vintage style aluminum trees and tussie mussies.

Candy canes anyone? 

I love these tiny velvet stockings.

Old cupboards filled with sparkling holiday decor.

The girls are bringing in vintage and new holiday decor and gifts everyday.  I hope to keep everyone up to date with what is coming in.  Enjoy!!!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Halloween was a Blast

Move over Witches of Eastwick, we are the Witches of Wrentham.  Halloween at the shop was a blast.  All the girls dressed up as witches, starting on the left, we have Witch Susan, I'm in the middle, and Witch Jeanine is on the right.

I'm sorry I haven't been blogging lately, but time has gotten away from me.  Between remodeling the kitchen and my husband having knee replacement surgery, I haven't had much time for anything. 

I did take a few pictures at the shop.  The shop girls will be outdoing themselves in the upcoming weeks, getting ready for our Vintage Holiday Open House. 

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Fantastic Trip to Brimfield

This week a few of the Shop Girls, and some husbands, went to Brimfield.   The weather was beautiful and the spirits were high.   Here are some pics of some of the sights.

This is John, Nancy's husband, taking a breather and holding one of their finds. 

The people from this booth were from Alabama.  They had some great displays.  This is actually a vintage chicken feeder holding some ironstone platters.  I bought some old feeders that are now in my booth holding some beautiful plates.

Vintage dress forms are getting harder and harder to find.  Here are some beauties.

Corrabelle Rose, Donna Corrs from Michigan, was there.  If you get Romantic Country, you will remember her in Issue No. 112, this past summer.  http://www.corrabellerose.blogspot/  I took a lot of pictures in her beautiful booth.  I actually bought a small shabby metal cart from her.  It is going to be a wonderful addition to a half bath, holding towels and vintage powder tins.

This was a great old cupboard that Corrabelle Rose had in her booth.

Architectural salvage is so big in Brimfield.  This was a huge piece.  I could see it being used as a head board in someones bedroom.

Jan LaVoie from Painted Prettys in CT, had some great Shabby Chic pieces.  I ended up buying a great big old Shabby Chic farm table from her and her friends.  Can't wait to put in my kitchen. 

There's Jan's reflection in the mirror of this wonderful green vanity.

Ornate upholstered burlap furniture was everywhere.  This great couch was being worked on.  Wish I had the room for this beauty. 

These old factory carts were very popular.  People are using them for coffee tables.  What a great look.
I hope you have enjoyed all the pics.  This was one of the best trips to Brimfield that I have ever had.  I went with my friend Donna, and met up with some other Shop Girls, Karen K. and Nancy D. for lunch.  I also saw Wanda from White Home Collection.  The displays and the ideas that you get from Brimfield are unforgettable.  Even if you don't buy a lot, the experience is unbelievable.