Monday, December 24, 2012

I Should be Baking Cookies..................

It's Christmas Eve, and I should be baking cookies and preparing the cheesecake that we're bringing to Larry and Denise's house tomorrow, but, as usual, I am thinking about the shop.

(from Chris Glynn-Tutti Chic's booth)

Karen K. and myself worked today until 1:30.  There was a steady stream of customers until the end.  Of course, being Christmas Eve, everyone was in a good mood.  But, why can't we hold that feeling in our hearts all year, (I think Kris Kringle said that in Miracle on 
34th Street), especially in the shop?

What can we do to create a better experience for our customers? 
(I'm taking the lead from Laurie Anna's Vintage Home Blog)
Especially with the recent tragedy in Newtown, CT, you start to think, how can I be a better person.  Many people are doing Random Acts of Kindness (which is a wonderful way to remember and honor those we lost.)

We can all learn to be kinder, to be more understanding, to be more patient. 

When thinking about our customers, I think of how important it is to create a memorable experience for them, every time they walk through our doors.  This is what I want to work on this coming year. 

I've always felt that it is in the small details, that can make the difference between great and just average.

So, this coming year, I want to focus on making the shop, (and myself)a better place, a better person.  To make a huge difference.

I want to thank all our customers and friends that have supported us all year.  
I wish all of you a Healthy and Happy Christmas and New Year. 

Mary Ellen


Thursday, December 20, 2012

Still Plenty to See..................

(Karen K., AKA Beyonce, has the most beautiful mantle.  Can't believe it's still in her booth.) 

I'm back!  I finally figured out how to get more pictures loaded onto my blog.  Thank you Sandi.  That's why I haven't blogged in quite awhile.

So much has happened.  The Shop had the Vintage Market Open House and Sale.  Wow, what a week that was.  The Shop Girls have really outdone themselves this holiday season.  We're still going strong, with wonderful holiday wares coming in every day.  We even have a new dealer that has joined us, Chris Glynn (some of you know her as Tutti Chic).  Can't wait to show you what she has in her booth, just beautiful!!

An antique hobbie horse greets you at Nancy D.'s booth. 

During the summer, I found a bushel of beads at an Estate Sale.  When I looked closer, I found out that they were vintage rosary beads.  I wasn't sure what the reaction would be, but so far, it has been extremely positive.


Friday, November 2, 2012

This is what you'll find at the shop this weekend.

This week at the shop...........great finds are always coming in.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Road Trip to New Hampshire

Today, Ray and I went to New Hampshire on a buying trip. I think I did pretty good.  I found this Heywood Wakefield child's desk at Twin Elm Farm in Peterborough.  I love that shop, everything is set up so beautifully.

Just got back from the shop a few hours ago.  I wanted to bring in as much as I could tonight, ready for a busy day tomorrow. 

Chippy whites will always be my favorite things to buy.  This is an old piece from a cast iron fence.

Couldn't resist these spectacular fabric pieces.  I think they were originally drapes, but I can certainly see them as tablecloths for the season.  So rich in color and texture.

I love old chippy baskets.  This is the smallest gathering basket I've ever seen.  I also picked up these sachets, all at White Home Collection.  Another great shop.

Can't resist a good crown.


Sunday, September 30, 2012

A Great First Day of the Vintage Fall Market

Saturday was a beautiful fall day in New England.  It was the first day of our annual Vintage Fall Market.

I took as many pictures as I could before the doors opened.  Things were flying out the door so fast, we hardly had time to breath.

We are certainly thankful to all our customers who came to our Fall Market on Saturday.  We hope to see many more of our good customers (now friends) today.  It's a rainy day, so what else is there to do, but shop.