Monday, December 24, 2012

I Should be Baking Cookies..................

It's Christmas Eve, and I should be baking cookies and preparing the cheesecake that we're bringing to Larry and Denise's house tomorrow, but, as usual, I am thinking about the shop.

(from Chris Glynn-Tutti Chic's booth)

Karen K. and myself worked today until 1:30.  There was a steady stream of customers until the end.  Of course, being Christmas Eve, everyone was in a good mood.  But, why can't we hold that feeling in our hearts all year, (I think Kris Kringle said that in Miracle on 
34th Street), especially in the shop?

What can we do to create a better experience for our customers? 
(I'm taking the lead from Laurie Anna's Vintage Home Blog)
Especially with the recent tragedy in Newtown, CT, you start to think, how can I be a better person.  Many people are doing Random Acts of Kindness (which is a wonderful way to remember and honor those we lost.)

We can all learn to be kinder, to be more understanding, to be more patient. 

When thinking about our customers, I think of how important it is to create a memorable experience for them, every time they walk through our doors.  This is what I want to work on this coming year. 

I've always felt that it is in the small details, that can make the difference between great and just average.

So, this coming year, I want to focus on making the shop, (and myself)a better place, a better person.  To make a huge difference.

I want to thank all our customers and friends that have supported us all year.  
I wish all of you a Healthy and Happy Christmas and New Year. 

Mary Ellen


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