Wednesday, June 20, 2012

It reached 98 degrees today

But, we have some really cool things going on at the shop.

I found this beautiful boudoir chair last weekend, along with this old hand hooked pillow.

Maureen and Peter are on a roll.  They've been bringing in new pieces every day.  Way to go.

A full size antique metal and brass bed came in.  What a great addition for a summer cottage.

I'm not sure you can tell, but this china cabinet is a combination of cream and a soft pink.  How sweet.

I love this light fixture.  But it wasn't doing it for me.  So.........

I painted it white.  So much better.

Summer is almost here, so the Shop Girls are in hot pursuit of the best in the area.  The weather is hotter than hot, but the finds are the coolest.  Actually, you would think that people wouldn't be shopping on such a hot day, but we were so busy today.  Furniture was flying out the door.  Thanks Jackie for all your hard work today. 

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Elyse said...

looking forward to a visit to your lovely shop very soon!

(thrilled to have found you!)