Sunday, November 20, 2011

Buying Trip to New Hampshire

My junking buddy, Sandi, and I, went up to New Hampshire on Friday.  We had a blast.  Our first stop was at White Home Collection.  Wow!!!  We really did very well there.

We were greeted by these great red tables.  We were in heaven, and the shop wasn't even open yet.

This white shabby bench came home with me.  I will probably bring it in for our Holiday Open House on Dec. 3.

Everywhere we looked, the displays were wonderful.  Soooo inspiring.

I loved this old metal mailbox filled with greens.

We also went to another shop in Petersborough, Twin Elms Farm.  We got some great stuff there too.

There's Sandi walking into this gift shop we saw.  I had to take a picure of the wrought iron fence, it was stunning.  


A Cottage Muse said...

Great photos! Wish I remembered my camera!
Thanks for all the laughs!

wandalee said...

Hey, Sandi and Mary Ellen! Wish I had known you were going to up this way - I am a dealer in both White Home Collections and Twin Elm Farm -
so glad you enjoyed your visit!
Wanda Howland
Vintage Fleurs