Sunday, June 12, 2011

Screams from Customers

Yesterday, was a little nerve racking for me, not knowing if the new space would be accepted with as much enthusiasm as I had for it.  Well.....
The first customer of the day came in.  Her name is Kelly McGuill,, she does photo styling, set designing and interior decorating for many big name clients, (just take a look at her website, wow!).  She was buying items for a photo shoot for a Yankee magazine cookbook, due out in November.  She knew just what she was looking for.  She started grabbing items out of my new space right away,  and she said I had great taste.  Coming from Kelly, and after looking at her website, that means a lot to me.  So, she bought all of the ironstone I had, and also throughout the shop.  Some of the items were for the photo shoot and some for herself.  She also bought the display rack shown below.  Thank you Kelly for stopping in!!

(yellow one sold)

Then, two of my favorite and best customers came in, Kathy and Lori.  When they walked into the space, I could hear screams of delight.  I knew then, it was the right direction to go in. 




(one sold)

If it wasn't raining today, I would be at the flea market, buying up more stuff for this space.  Well, there is always next week (and the rest of the summer).

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A Shabby Moment in Time said...

I loved it too when I came in today! Great new look Mary Ellen!
Blessings & Hugs,