Friday, January 7, 2011

I wanted to start the year off with a bang, instead I'm starting it off with a cough.  I've been in bed since Sunday, and just found out today that I have pheumonia.  That's not easy for me, since I'm used to running around, multi-tasking every day.  But maybe that's why I'm in this position now.  I guess this year I need to start taking better care of me.  I am spending some wonderful down time with my cats.  My big boy, Clarence, hasn't left my side. 

Right now at the shop, we are having a huge sale.  I wanted to really clear out all the old stuff and start fresh for the spring.  One of the trends that I'm seeing, is tent and barn shows that are springing up all over the country.  In the recent issue of  Romantic Country, there was a section about this trend.  The girls at the shop and I have been talking about trying something new.  There is a core group of girls at the shop that are always coming up with new and exciting ideas.  I love being around them, they always inspire me to be better. 

So in the next few weeks my core group of shop girls and myself will be discussing the possibility of having a tent show.  We already have a name for it, "At Home with White".  This is very exciting for all of us.  Now we will be on the hunt for things just for the show.  So stay tune for more info on this upcoming show.


Passionate for White said...

Sorry to hear that you're feeling so poorly - please take care of yourself!

"At Home With White" Right up MY alley... name the date, I'll be there..

AnthonyRosesShabHome said...

sounds good to me i love white let me know when your having this!! Hope you feel better real soon. I hoping to get in your store real soon! this time of year leaves me home bound a lot!!