Thursday, March 7, 2013

Oh the possibilities.....................

The shop was closed today, due to some nasty weather.  So, I thought I would take some pictures of my Jake and my winter garden.

Isn't she beautiful? 

Jake loves to be out in the snow.
I've been hunting and buying up a storm, getting ready for the "At Home with White" Show on April 6 & 7.  Ray is my painter, and he has been painting every day in our new storage unit.   I had a storage unit in the old Whiting and Davis factory in Plainville.  But, recently I moved into another area in the same building.  I'm very excited about this new space.  This space was, just until recently,  the showroom for Stephen Staples, the wonderful and creative wood worker extrodinaire.  Staples showroom is now in Wrentham on South Street, not too far from my shop.  Funny how things turn out.  This storage space has endless possibilities, let's just say, maybe for a future second shop??


Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

Can't believe I didn't take a peek at your garden and shed when we visited!! Hi Jake!

Mary Ellen Shia said...

I was saving that for the next visit.