Saturday, September 8, 2012

We have Shoppers from all over the World

Pam, Nancy and myself were at the shop this afternoon, when we saw these 4 guys get out of their car and start taking pictures of themselves on vintage tricycles and wagons on our front porch of the shop.

Well, when they came into the shop, we found out that they were from Ireland, and were here for a wedding for the third guy over from the left.  He is getting married tomorrow.  We also found out that the groom sets up lighting for rock bands, and travels the world. This was a fun group of guys. 

We asked if they would take some pictures with us, and sign their names on a piece of paper. 

I'm telling you we were like giddy school girls.

This is what they wrote to us, they were sooooooo sweet.

Then, a little while later, these two lovely women come in, and they were from France.  Since Nancy's booth is called Paris Flea Market, I took a picture with Nancy and the women. We also had one of the woman sign her name.   

It was a great day at the shop.  You just never know who will come in.

 I was actually going to blog about my trip to Brimfield on Friday.  I got some great stuff, some I already brought in, but most of it I'm saving for the Vintage Fall Market at the end of this month.  I'll be showing those pictures, and the pictures I took in Brimfield in the next few days.


Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

Can't believe I missed all the fun!!

Pam said...

What a great group of guys from Ireland!! They were fun to have in the store. But what a horrible picture of Pam!!!

Elyse said...

i have got to get to your store already!!! it looks like an absolute dream and fun time, too!