Monday, September 12, 2011

Muddy, Muddy, Muddy and Stinky too, but still a Blast!!!

I went to Brimfield with Shop Girls, Nancy D. and Karen K.  The first thing you notice driving into the Brimfield area, was the devastation from the tornado's.  It looked like a war zone.  But the day was sunny and we traveled on to the Flea Market.  It had been raining there for 3 days, so we went with our rain boots in tow, thank you Yvonne from Shabby Fifi.  Good thing, what a mess.  But it was a successful shopping day.  Lots of ideas and goodies for the Fall Show in October. 

This beautiful old dress form was in Shabby Fifi's Booth.  It was the best thing that I had seen all day.  Yvonne had some great stuff in her tent.  Here are some more pictures of her booth, and this was the first time that she did Brimfield.  Way to go, Yvonne!!!


There's Shop Girl Karen aka A Shabby Moment in Time, doing some damage in Quaker Acres. 

Did I tell you that I found a fantastic booth, just filled with cowboy boots. 

These are the two pairs that I brought home for myself.  Yahoo!!

This is Jackie's (Bliss Farm) tent.  She also had some beautiful things.

These were some other booths that I thought were really great.
I regret not buying these huge sunflower heads.  They were spectacular.  

Like I said before, I had a great day of shopping.  Here are some of the treasures that I bought for the WCS Shop Girls Present A Fall Vintage Market Weekend in October.

I am keeping a few things for myself, like this cement crown.  Should have bought a few of these.

I found this guy who cut out letters out of old galvanized steel.  My initials will be going into my shed.


A Cottage Muse said... I regret not going!
Love the treasures you brought home especially your initials!!

Jackie said...

thanks for the shout out!

bliss farm antiques

Christine said...

Hi Mary Ellen! I stopped in a few weeks ago with my husband and brought a pair of sweet vintage gloves and a desk and hutch for my daughter, both of which we love (well, me the gloves)! Such a fan of your store! Can't wait to visit again.