Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Getting Ready for the White Show

I can't believe it is only three more days until the "At Home With White" event.  My kitchen is full the basement and the garage.  My husband will certainly be glad to move everything out into the tent at the shop.  I'm just finishing up pricing a few more things.  Take a look.
I have a box of old silverplate pieces.  I just can't get enough of it.

I bought a box lot of old cane sugar sacks at an auction a few months ago.  

This wicker urn can be used for so many things.  Since I'm always looking for farmhouse finds, I picked up this old school chalk box, a wire egg basket and this tin pan.
I found this magazine holder and embellished it with an old clock decal.  This beautiful ornate bottle was a real find. 


Donna Mc said...

I love the wire egg basket and the chalk box! I'm always on the lookout for things like that. Can't wait for the weekend. :)

AnthonyRose'sShabHome said...

I may stop in your shop tomorrow but hoping to get there either sat or sun for the At Home With White Event... good luck