Thursday, March 3, 2011


Today is my birthday, so my wish was to have my husband take me antiquing for the day.  Wishes do come true.  We went to New Bedford, and what a wonderful, successful shopping day I had.  Most of the items I bought will be for the "At Home With White" event in April.  Also, today, something happened that was unbelievable.  As we were taking the exit off of 495, a red tailed hawk flew within 10' of the car.  What a beautiful sight, I only wish I had my camera out.

This picture doesn't do this French style desk/vanity justice.  I'm just crazy about it, so I might just keep it for myself.  We'll see....
This printers box with letters and numbers is just fabulous.  A great piece for a farmhouse look.

This is what my garage looks like, chock full of goodies for April.  I found an industrial work station, a chippy shelf and an antique doll carriage.  The inside of the carriage has double seats that are made with beautiful worn aqua leather.
Many things are changing at the shop.  Jackie came in tonight to paint her new space.  She has great things, I'm sure her booth will look fabulous when finished.



Passionate for White said...

HaPpY BiRtHdAy!! I can hardly wait for the big event... I already have my outfit picked out and everything :)

I haven't been shopping in New Bedford for years - yeah...that's going change!

AnthonyRose'sShabHome said...

Happy birthday Looking forward to At Home with White That is on my birthday weekend!

Jackie said...

Happy Birthday!

wandalee said...

Happy Birthday Mary Ellen! Mine is the 13th - sure wish I could get down to New Bedford if I could find great stuff like you did! LOVING that vanity - have been looking for one for awhile now. (Let me know if you decide to sell it :-))
Wanda in NH