Thursday, March 25, 2010

Home & Garden Spring Gala

Our Spring Open House starts tomorrow. All week long, the shop girls have been bringing in their garden finds, and setting them out on the front porch.  There are some great vintage garden items, such as 50 year old mason jars in the original crate, right out of an old barn, old horse shoes and feed sacs.  There are cupboards that Peter and Maureen made from old windows and doors, and even a bench made out of an old metal rail.  There is an old wood flower cart filled with vintage enamelware.  Peter and my husband, Ray, put up old barn doors on the side of the porch to enclose the area and make it feel more like a potting shed.  If anyone is looking for a watering can, we have a great selection.  If you haven't been to the shop yet, this would be a great time to explore.  Did I mention, we are also serving lemonade.  What a special treat. 

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